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Assalamualaikum , Ya Assad Laknatullah , Your Chemical weapons killied over 1,360 men, women and children and injuring 4,000 more, You Killed Thousands of SUNNI syria, You RAPE and TORTURED Thousands Women & Girl Of Sunni in syria, You BOMBED and SHOOTED Thousand Of Sunni in syria, You DROP Many Of BOMB to Syria like rain, I want you to stop killing sunni in Syam or I will continue hack all of ur goverment website, remember the truth. The world now knows your dirty little secret and your pact with the USA. You are a weak man and you thought a bargain could be struck with the USA. We are not afraid of you, we dare to uphold justice. You kill our brother, you will regret it. Wait for the appropriate time, and you will see what will apply to you killing our brothers. Wait and see!

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